• About Seek Wild

    We seek to spread our passion for the outdoors to the world.

    Seek Wild was developed by a group of hunters and fisherman with a passion to spread their skills and love for the outdoors by making it easier to explore and book both guided and non-guided adventures. With a strong and growing network of outfitters and private land, outdoorsmen are able to find outfitters all across the U.S., hunt private land that previously would have been difficult or impossible to hunt, and have new access options for bank fishing and boat launches.

    The concept of Seek Wild started with a strong focus towards providing private land for hunters. Quickly after the concept was developed, it was clear that there was a much bigger opportunity. We wanted to to develop a network that benefitted the outdoorsmen, the outfitters, and the private landowners. Our developing vision allowed us to think more about building the businesses of the outfitters around the nation, assisting landowners who were in need of game management due to game animal crop damage, and allowing outdoorsmen to enjoy the benefits of game management efforts by hunting more of the land in each state.

    Focusing hard on developing a platform that was beneficial to Outfitters was important to us. We built many tools that make it easier for the outfitters to spend more time fishing or hunting, and less time worrying about office work. As guides start running all of their business through the platform, they will build their ratings and become more attractive to new clients that find them while searching the site for new opportunities.

    There are a lot of private landowners that struggle from wild game animals damaging their crops. Generally they will let people they know hunt their land because they don’t know how to lease it. We built the platform to make it easy for landowners to lease their land for hunting and fishing access, while having the ability to make substantial revenue at the same time. The efforts made by the different departments of fish and wildlife in each state are enormous. They work very hard to manage the wildlife in order to increase the fish and game animals to healthy population sizes for both a healthier environment and for hunting and fishing opportunities. The problem is the ability to hunt and fish in areas where private land makes it difficult if not impossible. If hunters can spread out over the land more evenly, and fishermen can spread throughout the river systems, there will be less pressure on the fish and game in the high pressure public areas. This will increase the possibility for success and will help with game management efforts. As the Seek Wild platform continues to grow, we look forward to expanding the abilities of the site to allow more tools and opportunity to outdoorsmen, outfitters, and private landowners.