Are you a DIY (do it yourself) archery or rifle hunter? Whether you are just getting ready for your first elk season, or if you have hunted for years, this two-day outing will give you all the knowledge you will need to have a great chance at a successful hunt this coming fall!

This two-day trip will consist of a weekend in the forest of the Oregon Coast Range, including camping on Saturday night.
You will learn all of my techniques related to:
- Elk Behavior
- Communicating with elk
- How to find elk every day of the week (even during heavy hunting pressure)
- How to use the wind and other environmental considerations to your advantage
- Elk quartering, meat care and packing
- What to have on you and what to leave at your vehicle
- Wilderness survival considerations and techniques

I recommend bringing all of the equipment you plan to use for your hunt. That includes your bow, rifle, range finder, clothing, backpack, boots, binoculars with harness, wind chalk, elk calls and side arm (if you carry). You need to also bring camping gear, rain gear and food. Consider this an out-of-season elk hunting weekend, the only difference is no arrows or bullets will be flying at elk.

By the end of this weekend, you will be ready for elk season to start!

  • Workshop/Lessons
  • Archery, On foot, Outdoor Lessons, Rifle
  • Roosevelt Elk
  • Private Access, Private Land, Public Access, Public Land
  • Coast Range, OR
  • Clearcut, Farmland, Logging Area, Steep Terrain, Temperate Rainforest, Wooded Forest


This is a simulated hunting weekend, meaning no animals will be killed or harassed.
No alcohol allowed during the day, but feel free to crack a beer next to the fire in the evening.