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Join us in exploring some of Oregon’s most beautiful waterways, and enjoy an exceptional fishing experience. Our knowledgeable guides have over 30 years of Northwest fishing experience and are here to connect you to the best fisheries in the Northwest. We offer fishing trips for Bass(Smallmouth, Largemouth) Walleye, Spring Chinook Salmon, Sturgeon, Shad, Coho/Silver Salmon, Fall Chinook, Dungeness Crab, Red Rock Crab, Bay Clamming, and Sightseeing Tours.

Oregon is host to some of the country’s best Smallmouth bass fishing. Pound for pound, the Columbia River Smallmouth puts up the best fight on the hook. Catch rates can exceed 40 fish per day, with fish weighing over five pounds each. The possibility of catching “the big one” at six to 10 pounds per fish is a reality here! We also have many Largemouth fisheries throughout the beautiful state of Oregon. Ask one of our guides for more information if you are interested in one of these destinations (additional fees may apply). Whether you are fishing for Smallmouth or Largemouth, you will enjoy the day aboard our high-performance tournament bass boat, equipped with the latest electronics, top of the line gear and effective tackle. We use an array of techniques and specifically designed artificial lures to bring you a top-notch bass catching experience.

Spring Chinook Salmon are highly prized for their superior Omega-3 EFA content and, in our opinion, are the best tasting among all the salmon varieties. Spring Chinook Salmon are an exciting fish to catch, and they range from eight to 15 pounds each. Our fishing waters include both the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. We will be using a variety of effective techniques from back bouncing to trolling cured baits or flashy lures to land these amazing fish.

White Sturgeon are some of the oldest freshwater residents in our region. Descendants of the dinosaur, sturgeon can be over 100+ years old, measuring over 15 feet in length and weighing over 1,000 pounds. Known also as the Freshwater Marlin, these giants can display some exciting acrobatics and powerful runs. White sturgeon are primarily freshwater dwellers, so our hunt for them takes place on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. At anchor, we will be using heavy gear and tackle with a plethora of cured baits to land these fish.

Columbia River Walleye have been recorded over 10 pounds, and it is estimated that the next world record Walleye will come from this area. Walleye were introduced into the region as a food source for early settlers and have established themselves into a productive fishery. These fish are very tasty, as well as really fun to catch! The Columbia River Gorge and Willamette River are our primary fishing locations, using an assortment of techniques from jigging to trolling crankbaits or live bait.

Coho Salmon are the most aggressive species of salmon. Violent strikes and hard runs are trademarks of the Coho. Fall Chinook are the largest salmon species, reaching weights of over 50 pounds. Our fishing waters include the saltwater regions of the Columbia River (Buoy 10 and Estuary), Mainstem Columbia, and many small Oregon coastal bays and tributaries. Our guides use proven techniques to ensure success – floats, back bouncing and trolling baits or lures.

Dungeness Crab is often referred to as Pacific Gold. Our crabbing trips are the most interactive trips with a bounty of crab is your reward for the day. We crab inside of the Oregon Bays and these trips are encouraged for young adults and anyone who enjoys crab.

Shad fishing is one of the most exciting action for young adults. The season is short and generally runs from May - July, so book early for these fun gamefish.

We accommodate large groups as well as the solo angler, trip prices will vary.

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