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Welcome to Ash Island! A very unique 135 acre island of privately owned farmland in the middle of the Willamette River. Offering a waterfowl and deer hunt lease combo, and only available as a combo for 2020!

With a newly planted 4 acre plot of Sudan/ sorghum grass on the edge and low spot of the tall fescue grass field, which holds water all through the winter as the river levels rise, this boasts one of the best waterfowl opportunities in the area. This property is in the direct flyway for all migratory birds. During the winter months, the north end of the island does flood, holding water in all the low spots, making it a haven for both ducks and geese alike. The island will hold standing water until the spring time when the Willamette River levels start to drop, and the river does not connect into the water on the island, so no boat traffic can find their way in.

The property also has a lot of deer traffic. Not only a healthy population living on the island, but many bucks will cruise the island during the rut.

This hunt lease provides opportunity to hunt all of the waterfowl and deer seasons that are available during 2020. This does not include a hunting license and hunting tag, and must be purchased separately.

Dates and Pricing:
Duck season for Zone 1, Oct. 17 – Nov. 1 & Nov. 5 – Jan. 31, 2021
September Canada Goose Season for Northwest Permit Zone Sept. 12 – Sept. 20
Regular Goose Season for Northwest Permit Zone Oct. 24 – Nov. 1 & Nov. 21 – Jan. 13, 2021 & Feb. 6 – Mar. 10, 2021
Deer - General Any legal weapon Season Oct. 3 - Nov. 6
Deer - General Archery Season Aug. 29 - Sept. 27 & Nov. 21 - Dec. 13
Deer - Any Legal Weapon Controlled 600 Series - Sept. 1 - Feb. 28, 2021 (Must have drawn this tag for 2020)

Fixed Price: $5,000 (total price for up to 6 people)

- The lease includes exclusive access to the whole island.
- 1 day tour of island with landowner prior to hunting season

Habitat: Tall fescue for seed, 4 acre pond of Sudan/ Sorghum planted late spring, and 60 acres of newly planted hazelnut trees. Tall trees border the entire island, and there is heavier timber on the south end of the property.

Regulations: You are required to follow all rules and regulations from the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife: www.eregulations.com/oregon/game-bird/

Insurance: Hunters MUST purchase Hunt Lease Liability Insurance before their lease begins or will be denied entry to the property without refunds. Seek Wild and property owner need to be added as an additional insured to the policy and sent to both parties before the land lease begins.
Find hunters insurance here: www.ahuntinglease.org/hunting-lease-insurance or just Google hunt lease liability insurance for other providers.

- Hunters are responsible for their own access to and from the island at all times. Rogers Landing boat launch in Newberg, OR is the closest public boat launch, being only 1/2 mile up river from Ash Island. The landowners have a private boat launch that is the closest approach, but must be coordinated with the landowners.

- Blinds may be built by hunters on the edge of the fields only, and must be removed after the season unless agreed upon with landowner.
- Lay down blinds may be used out in the middle of any field you see fit.

- Visitors must report any other persons encountered during their visit.

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