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The Eagle Cap Wilderness is the largest wilderness in the state of Oregon. The peaks range up to 9,845 ft. and down to 3,600 ft. containing 53 lakes and a small ice field. There is fishing in most of the lakes and streams and an abundance of wildflowers, birds and wildlife.

Brian Sanders is owner and operator of Oregon Backcountry Outfitting and the Wallowa Lake Pack Station. Brian is an Eastern Oregon native, born and raised in Elgin, OR. Brian has spent his whole life packing, hunting, and fishing the surrounding mountains of the Grande Ronde and Wallowa Valley. From the Eagle Cap Wilderness to the Wenaha Tucannon Wilderness, Brian, along with his crew of fellow passionate outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen, have years of experience. Oregon Backcountry Outfitting is the preeminent provider of horse-packing at Wallowa Lake and hunting excursions throughout Oregon, specializing in raffle and auction tags.

Your family, your friends, or even just yourself can rest assured that no matter your choice of adventure, whether it be hiking, horseback riding, camping, fishing, or even photography, it will be safe and professional. Experiencing Eastern Oregon can often be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So, whether it be your childhood dream of an all-inclusive deluxe camping trip into the Eagle Cap Mountains, or just wanting to ride a horse for the first time — use an outfitter who provides you with confidence that your trip will be worth the wait, while also providing superior safety and a professional atmosphere.

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